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How To Choose The Right Fleshlight For You

Choosing the right toy for you will require a little bit of thinking beforehand. Obviously, selecting based on your preferences from the products available is a good starting point. From there it's simply a matter of understanding what kind of experience you're trying to get from your toy and whether or not that specific toy fits the bill. Nearly any option will be pleasurable, that goes without saying.

Types Of Fleshlights

When it comes to variety, Fleshlight certainly doesn't disappoint. The average Fleshlights are mostly standard male masturbator fare, just done extremely well. The vaginal orifices have a good bit of give to them while still hugging the penis tightly when it matters most. People who want the absolute tightest experience possible are often better served by some of the anal sleeves since they were designed with the tightness of anal play in mind. People looking for an experience closer to a blowjob should seek out any of the Turbo options, they offer an entrance that's much more like the lips and throat compared to the vaginal/anal toys.

Fleshlight Sizes

The size of Fleshlight you'll want is mostly up to what you think will work best with your lifestyle and genitalia. A full sized Fleshlight will accommodate 99% percent of men comfortably, usually with some wiggle room left over. These full sized toys can make the best use of the suction end cap for an even more varied experience depending on how you set it. Fleshlight GO/Pilot lines of toys are all well suited for people who want a smaller than average Fleshlight that still does everything a Fleshlight should. Discreetness is a major selling point on this toy and anyone seven inches & under can make use of them. Now for those who want the smallest possible toy, the Quickshot is the way to go. It's a mere 4 inches long and makes up for the lack of space by being open ended so it's just a matter of more stroking.

Are Fleshlights Worth It?

Whether or not a Fleshlight is worth it for you at the end of the day depends on how you view the act of masturbation. If masturbation is just a quick way to blow off some steam, these might not even be that appealing at all to you. However, there's a few things worth considering. Let's say a toy is $60 and you jerk off once a day. If that toy lasts six months (180 days), you've effectively paid about $0.35 per jerk off session to make use of that toy. The question I'd ask myself is if a genie were to offer you a serious upgrade in the amount of pleasure any one session brings for a mere 35 cents, would you take that deal? Silly hypotheticals aside, Fleshlights are absolutely worth it in my opinion from more perspectives than just the wallet. Many men report symptoms of a condition known as death grip after masturbating for years at a time. This is when the hand slowly tightens over time to provide the same level of pleasure someone has become accustomed to. Fleshlights quickly make short work of death grip by evenly dispersing pressure over the entire area of the penis in a way that won't damage any nerves. They're fun to use, they're a serious upgrade from the hand, and they help stave off death grip. Sounds pretty good to me!

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